Limitless communication on earth and in space to enable today the data traffic of tomorrow


Versics AG produces plug-and-play fiber-optic devices used in data centers, intercontinental subsea communication, and satellite telecom links that should foster the next generation of high-speed, electro-optic hardware for communication.

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In the case of space, the optical links are established either between orbiting satellites or satellite-to-ground stations. The links can benefit from faster data rates, less energy consumption and high reliability and long-term stability of the Versics’ products, which simplify the satellites' hardware architecture and reduce the overall power budget and operational expenditures.

The technology of Versics combines the best properties of two materials: pure electro-​optic modulation from traditional lithium niobate devices and highly scalable fabrication runs from silicon photonics.

Versics is an ETH Zurich spin-off and an ESA BIC CH incubatee since 2022.

ESA-Business Incubation Center Switzerland

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