5 Swiss deeptech solutions receive accolades at the 23rd China Hi-Tech Fair


5 Swiss startups, EH Group Engineering, Fixposition, Miraex, STOR-H and SynSense were recognized with the Excellent Product Award at the 2021 China Hi-Tech Fair for their innovations in the fields of vehicle technology, positioning technology, photonics and quantum solutions, green technology, and neuromorphic intelligence. Additionally, STOR-H and SynSense were selected for the Premium Innovation Products Showcase: the only international exhibitors to receive the honor.

China Hi-Tech Fair’s Excellent Product Award is bestowed upon exhibitors who present exceptionally innovative high-tech products and projects. Held annually in Shenzhen, one of China’s most dynamic innovation hotspots, China Hi-Tech Fair gathers the world's top innovations, where thousands of domestic and international companies compete to showcase their innovative products.

EH Group Engineering | Excellent Product Award

EH Group is a Nyon-based vehicle technology startup that focuses on the design & production of innovative & high-performance fuel cell technology for a decarbonized future. EH Group’s uniquely redesigned fuel cells are more compact, lightweight, and with higher system efficiencies. In addition, its proprietary manufacturing process under development will significantly reduce its costs.

Fixposition | Excellent Product Award

Fixposition is a Schlieren-based software startup and an ETH Zurich spin-off that provides B2B precise positioning solutions to the autonomous vehicle market and beyond, developing software specialized in deep sensor fusion of computer vision, global navigation satellite system (GNSS), inertial measurement unit (IMU) and wheel odometry data to ensure high reliability and availability of centimeter-accurate positioning anywhere where traditional positioning systems fail.

Miraex | Excellent Product Award

Miraex is an Ecublens-based IoT startup and an EPFL spin-off that develops manufacture and offers cutting edge photonic and quantum solutions for next-generation sensing, networking, and computing. It also builds quantum integrated circuits for high sensitivity measurements and distributed quantum computing infrastructures.

STOR-H Technologies | Excellent Product Award & Premium Innovation Products Showcase

STOR-H is a Geneva-based energytech startup that leverages significant intellectual property concerning the solid storage of hydrogen to enable zero-CO2 light mobility through the use of its STOR-H cartridges. The STOR-H technology allows “green” hydrogen to be stored safely in easy-to-use connected cartridges. These cartridges are distributed in vending machines accessible through a smartphone APP, eliminating the need for expensive and intrusive infrastructure.

SynSense | Excellent Product Award & Premium Innovation Products Showcase

SynSense is a Zurich-based neuromorphic intelligence startup and an ETH Zurich and University of Zurich Institute of Neuroinformatics spin-off that provides dedicated mixed-signal neuromorphic processors which overcome the limitations of legacy von Neumann computers to provide an unprecedented combination of ultra-low power consumption and low-latency performance. It has a prolific product matrix, including chips dedicated to vision processing, auditory processing and natural signal processing.


The virtual swisstech participation presented a cohort of 19 Swiss startups in the fields of vehicle technology, positioning technology, photonics and quantum solutions, green technology, and neuromorphic intelligence, to showcase Swiss excellence in tech and innovation.

The swisstech China series is organized by Swissnex in China in partnership with ETH Zürich, EPFL, Innovaud, Greater Zurich Area, Switzerland Innovation, Venturelab, and the swisstech campaign partners Presence Switzerland, Switzerland Global Enterprise, Innosuisse, digitalswitzerland and Swissnex.

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